October 18, 2018
5 Muscle BuildingSuper Band Exercises-2

5 Muscle Building Super Band Exercises

One of my favourite tools for quick and versatile strength workouts is the super band. It's a big loop shaped piece of exercise tubing which comes in varying levels of tension. I love the 1/2 inch bands because they are super easy to pack on vacations (or to the park with my little one) and I can get a full body workout in using this single tool.
November 1, 2018

4 Essential Mantras To Help You Actually Do Your Workouts

One of the most common themes that comes up with myself and my clients is the issue of being hard on ourselves on our health and fitness journey. We often think we need to be more strict, more intense, more perfect or more committed in order to realize our fitness goals. So we get frustrated with ourselves for missed workouts, we berate ourselves for less than optimal food choices and we unknowingly create more stress and shame than is actually helpful.
February 23, 2017

How To Host A Protein Power Ball Party!

These protein packed snacks are super simple to make (no baking involved!) and keep fabulously well in the freezer. The perfect breastfeeding fuel or gift

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