October 30, 2016
4 Factors ForA Strong Metabolism

Interview with Jessie Mundell: How To Exercise In Pregnancy & Beyond

The biggest challenge that most women face when it comes to exercising during pregnancy and postpartum (other than getting motivated, ha!) is that we don't have enough specific direction. We are given a lot of general recommendations that make it tough to know exactly what to do when we exercise.
October 27, 2016
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How To Embrace A Growing Body: My Second Trimester Experience

They say the second trimester of pregnancy is the 'honeymoon' phase of pregnancy as morning sickness has likely begun to subside and you aren't yet carting..
October 24, 2016

5 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Introvert

The more I embraced my inner introvert, the happier I was. I had more energy when I was at work and with loved ones when I had spent some time alone in the days previous. I also had significantly less resentment towards my husband when I told him what I needed rather than wishing he would just understand what being an introvert was like.
October 18, 2016

How To Craft YOUR Nutrition Philosophy

If you're tired of playing the on-the-wagon and off-the-wagon game with food then taking the time to craft your own nutrition philosophy will be an extremely worthwhile endeavour. I think you've got to get to the point of being at least a bit frustrated with food and diet in order to create something meaningful and worthwhile for yourself.