February 9, 2016

The Lean Habit List

During the month of August, I posted a different 'lean habit' each day on our Blast Fitness Facebook page.....
February 9, 2016

Love The One Who Lifts You Up

This past Saturday I married by best friend. It was hands down the most monumental day of my life. Looking back I feel grateful that the day felt like a real expression of my life.....
February 8, 2016

How my mom found balance, health and her body!

It is a rainy Friday afternoon on the west coast and my Mom is at the wheel of her grey ford escape. The sky outside is about the same shade as the vehicle as we are on our way up to Whistler, BC for a much needed girls weekend away.....
February 8, 2016

Do Others Affect Your Food Choices Part 1: Co-Dependent Eating

It’s a Tuesday night, and I have just come home from teaching my ladies only bootcamp class. When I walk in the door at 8:15pm, dinner is just coming out of the oven.....