January 13, 2015

To Stretch or Not?

The benefits of stretching remain one of the most inconclusively documented areas of physical fitness research. Most of us stretch because it feels good.....
January 5, 2015

Introduction to Hormone Balance 101

Hormones are chemical messengers that tell the cells of our body what to do. Hormones are responsible for.....
January 4, 2015

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Because the traditional protein pancake made with protein powder can end up pretty darn dry and cardboard-like, I have been trying a few different recipes that still contain a good dose of protein without the dryness.....
December 27, 2014

The #onebowlmeal

The idea of the #onebowlmeal came during one of my busiest weeks this past November. Preparing for our holiday challenge, packing for a trip, battling a cold, dealing with a car accident, you know - life!.....