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Frequently Asked Questions

What has a greater impact on my fat loss efforts, my eating or exercise habits?

The answer is – both. While exercising regularly is important to maintain good health, relieve stress and does assist our fat loss efforts, nutrition is a huge piece of the puzzle. ‘You cannot out train a bad diet’ is a true statement and if you are looking to create lasting change then all factors must be considered exercise, food intake, sleep and stress levels.

What if I want to train with Lana but I do not live in Invermere?

Sign up for the waitlist to join the Blast Fitness Lifestyle Club to get unparalleled access to Lana.

What is the key to staying motivated to exercise and eat well regularly?

Do what you love! Eat foods you enjoy! Its true, if you loathe going to the gym or dread the food you’ve packed for lunch you will either be extremely unhappy or throw out your ‘plan’ all together. Find a program or plan that works for you and your life. There are work-arounds for everything. What do you truly love to do that gets you sweaty and breathless? What healthy foods do you enjoy eating that fit into your lifestyle? Choose those and capitalize on them.

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