Love How You Eat

Learning about our behaviours around food and how to optimize our decision making capacity around foods we love and those that are healthy is key in crafting a balanced relationship with food.

Around my 16th week of pregnancy, my husband and I moved to from the city we had both called home for the last 13 years, Calgary, to our ‘weekend home’ in a small mountain town in British Columbia called Invermere.

We had purchased our mountain home 6 years earlier after Manny had a particularly successful ski racing season, so it already felt like home. Because I had been so sick for the first four months of my pregnancy, I couldn’t wait to spend some time in our home and in the peaceful outdoors as opposed to being cooped up in our downtown condo getting sick on repeat.

A couple weeks before the big move, two of our closest Invermere friends, Jeremy and Jacinda, let us in on the secret that they were also expecting their first baby. Of course we were overjoyed at the news.

From the minute we moved into our new small town lifestyle, my girlfriend Jacinda and I have been working out, walking, paddle boarding, hiking, doing the pregnancy-and-now-mama thing and cooking together.


Jacinda and I on a hike with our baby bumps!

One day this past fall while we were still pregnant, we had the grand idea to spend a cold and dreary Saturday afternoon in the kitchen making a whole whack load of protein power balls. They are great snacks, perfect when you need a bunch of energy and calories (aka. the perfect breastfeeding fuel) and they keep really well in the freezer too.

Because we are oh-so-organized (well, the real truth is the baby brain has been tough on us…) we put together a spreadsheet of exactly how much you’ll need of each ingredient to make the four recipes below. Many of the recipes we found or made up ourselves used the same ingredients so we highly suggest making all four recipes to load up your freezer. These also make a fabulous gift for a new mama friend, or anyone who needs quick snacks on hand.

Download your Protein Power Ball Party List HERE. This includes the ingredients you’ll need to make all four of the recipes below.

We made the following four recipes:

Patti’s Power Balls

Joyous Health Carrot Cake Balls

Cookie Dough Balls

Chocolate Sesame Protein Balls

Because these were such a hit the first go round, we’ve made them again and again. Now we have to wear our babes on the outside while baking!


Our favourites are definitely Patti’s Power Balls and the Chocolate Sesame Protein Balls. We’ve doubled up those recipes a couple times because between us, our husbands and guests popping by, they do not last long.

And here’s a pic of our kidlets together, because I knooooooow you want to see!


Until next time,

Lana xox

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