Love How You Eat

Learning about our behaviours around food and how to optimize our decision making capacity around foods we love and those that are healthy is key in crafting a balanced relationship with food.

The EASE Model: A Guide For Healthy, Easy Eating


Do you think it is ironic that the people who are consistently lean embark on the fewest number of diets and hardcore challenges?

The most reasonable explanation is due to the fact that adopting a lifestyle of habits and daily actions that support a lean, healthy body composition is a much more consistent model compared to a diet or way of eating you can only maintain for a number of weeks.

We are the sum of all our decisions, not choices made for a couple days in a row.

In my own life I have not embarked on many fad diets at all. I have however, practiced a fair amount of restrictive habits with food over the years. Things like limiting calories, carbohydrates, fat, dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol…and the list goes on. Of course there are certain situations that require a gluten or ___-free diet, but my situation was not one of those. I can safely look back now and see that I was trying to find a way of eating that would help me support the physical results I could attain for a couple weeks after a period of restriction.


The problem for me was that every single time I created an unsustainable plan and attained a flat stomach and could fit easily into my favourite jeans it was fleeting. Like 1, 2 or perhaps 3 weeks of results. Then life would happen. My husband would come home from being away on the road for many weeks. We would go out to dinner and have friends over and I would go right back to eating all the foods (remember the list above?!) that I had cut out.

Seriously, there has to be another way! This was a constant thought in my head only a few short years ago.

As many of you have been reading the blog for a while now you know that the answer for me was balance. Navigating the middle ground of restriction and over-eating has been THE thing that has helped me maintain a lean, healthy physique over the past few years (remember lean is subjective – there are MUCH more lean trainers out there, I have found a mentally and physically healthy and happy place for ME).

But how do you actually get to ‘balance’? It can be such an airy-fairy term, can’t it? The basic building blocks of a healthy and balanced eating plan are also the foundation for an easy plan. An easy plan is flexible, can be tweaked and changed no matter where you are and it certainly is not stressful to maintain. I put the building blocks of my plan into a model to help you learn exactly WHAT to do for you, because we are as different as the snowflakes in the sky, remember that.

Introducing, the EASE Model, a guide for healthy, easy lean eating.

E – eat protein, fibre and fat at every meal.

A – aim for real food as much as possible.

S – seek satisfaction, not restriction.

E – eat a variety of foods for both health and enjoyment.

Today I want to focus on the first pillar of the EASE model This all about the science behind lean eating. We want to fill up on foods that help us maintain our lean mass (muscle), help us burn fat effectively and prevent excessive cravings or hunger.

I literally follow this pillar at 90% or more of the meals and snacks that I eat every day. One of the most important reasons behind combining protein, fibre and fat is because this is how we balance our fat-storing hormone insulin. Protein and fibre control insulin release helping us to become better fat burners. While consuming dietary fat does not have much effect on insulin levels, it does help to keep us satisfied and fuller for longer.

Yes, if we eat too many calories from ANY source we will hold on to the excess energy as fat. This is where the importance of volume foods comes in – choosing foods that are high in volume with a low amount of calories. You can think of this as choosing foods that are nutrient dense, but not calorically dense. Guess what foods fit this description to a ‘T’? Veggies!

When you are pairing your protein, fibre and fat at each meal and snack choose veggies for your fibre option frequently.

Want to know more? This week I am celebrating the launch of my Balanced Meal Blueprint System. It is a book including 20 brand spankin-new recipes, a three week implementation journal to get you started and a mindset guide to help you cultivate the #consistencymindset. Grab it HERE until Friday February 20th!

To you and your easy way of eating. 🙂

Lana xox