Sweat It Out

Exercise is a part of our lives to enhance our strength and take care of our health. Let’s find a healthy and balanced relationship with exercise.

But what do you do for cardio?


Earlier this month I had the chance to catch up with and interview my training mentor Jen Sinkler. In case you haven’t met her virtually or in real life, here’s a little bit about why she is the bomb dot com. I have attended two conferences where Jen was a speaker this past year and to say she has influenced my training style is an understatement. I have worked out with her on the beach in LA and taken in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina to hear her speak about creating an authentic social media presence.


Jen, myself and Jill Coleman on the beach in LA.

The woman is on a mission, and one I support wholeheartedly. Jen is out to lead by example that getting stronger on the inside and outside is far more important than shrinking to fit into a small ideal of what women’s bodies should look like and how they should exercise.

During our interview we chatted all things training from what conditioning workouts are all about, to creating killer circuits and even the fact that when our quads get bigger it really means that our jeans become inferior, NOT the other way around.

My favourite question of the whole interview came when I asked Jen about the title of her conditioning library “but what does Lift Weights Faster mean?”

She went on to say that she was asked constantly about her training regimen and ‘what she does for cardio?’

Her answer? I lift weights faster.

Before we get entrenched in discussing my favourite way to sweat, I want to address a common question that comes up when we go deeper with training methodology and different types of workouts.

What is the best kind of workout?

There is no perfect workout.

Why? Because we are all so different. What works for me may not be the ideal formula for someone else. We have different body types, different goals, different stresses and different schedules.

But what I do know is this, if you do not know what works for you or if you are frustrated or de-motivated with where you are at, you have got to try something. Having a plan or program laid out for you is the best way to go when you want to make a shift.

And for women a few factors determine why we are frustrated with exercise and not seeing results. Either we are not working enough large muscle groups when we train so we do not create a stimulus for our body to change or we do not have enough intensity.

The answer is to add metabolic conditioning to our weekly workout schedule.

Metabolic conditioning is when we incorporate basic bodyweight or strength training exercises and add pace and intensity into the mix. Rather than traditional strength training where we focus on fatiguing our muscles only, metabolic conditioning challenges our muscles and our cardiovascular system.

Unlike traditional steady state cardio, there is more load on our working muscles.

You can think of metabolic conditioning as a hybrid of cardio + strength.

Or my clients would say the easiest way to explain it is this —> Breathless + Burning

Get the picture?

We do metabolic conditioning for a number of reasons. It improves our ability to deal with lactic acid, it helps us burn body fat, we build muscle, it is an extremely effective and efficient way to exercise and um, it’s fun!

During our interview, I took the liberty of asking Jen all about metabolic conditioning (she is quite the expert on the subject) and how she uses it in her weekly schedule. You will not want to miss the part when we talk about fit girls and jeans half way through the interview.

The take home message is that you will do exercise that you love to do and if you do not love traditional cardio, then you can get heart healthy, fat burning benefits from metabolic conditioning too. Doing metcon workouts is not going to make you a great runner, but if you’re not a cardio lover there is another way to get some of the benefits of traditional cardiovascular training.

Many of you love to run and I am certainly not telling you to give it up, but am asking you to consider a sprinkle (or landslide amount) of metabolic conditioning in your life as you may just fall in love with it like Jen and I have!

Get on out there and sweat,


Show Notes:– Be sure to grab your copy of Jen’s Lift Weights Faster conditioning library featuring 180 metabolic conditioning workouts HERE.

– Jen refers to a blog post about halfway through our interview and you can read it HERE.