Sweat It Out

Exercise is a part of our lives to enhance our strength and take care of our health. Let’s find a healthy and balanced relationship with exercise.

Feature Exercise: Glute-Hamstring Bridge


The glute-hamstring bridge is an effective exercise to strengthen your butt and the muscles at the back of your thighs – the hamstring group. Hamstrings tend to be weak in many of us, especially if you run, cycle, ski or skate regularly. Add this move to your routine if you want to prevent injury, improve hip strength and tighten up your backside!

Perform this exercise with one or two legs on the floor and begin by holding for 30 seconds, repeat x 3.

Tips for Success:

  • Keep abdominals engaged by bracing your core or creating a ‘punch in the stomach feeling’
  • Avoid putting any weight or tension on your neck and rest instead on your upper back
  • Keep both hips level, avoid hiking one hip higher than the other 
  • Push the heel of your foot into the floor