Master Your Mindset

Our mindset affects every decision we make. Learning how to quit the blame game and take responsibility for how we show up is what mindset management is all about.

3 Daily Habits Keeping You Unhealthy

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Our daily habits have the biggest effect on our results and outcomes. The actions we repeat over and over determine our reality whether it is the fit of our pants, our inner dialogue or the balance in our bank account. Just as spending money on coffee and dining out each day can add up over time, so can an extra cookie after dinner or a negative thought each time we do not follow through with our goals.

The importance of our inner dialogue is paramount. What we tell ourselves determines our reality each day. Perhaps you get on the scale in the morning and let the number staring back at you dictate whether or not you have been successful over the past week. If the number is higher than you hoped, you embark on a journey of negative self-talk, berating yourself and using these harsh words as motivation to ‘do better’, ‘be more strict’, or ‘just follow the plan’.

Oh mama, that sounds like a world of hurt to experience on a daily basis. The issue is that you think that you are getting better by talking negatively to yourself!

Maybe if I am harder on myself, I will finally get it! I will finally be able to avoid sugar and treats.

Here is a great question to ask yourself: How is that approach working for you?

The end game of living a healthy lifestyle is to experience peace, enjoyment and complete physical and mental health; therefore, creating negative inner dialogue is short sighted and ill-informed. To turn your health-conscious journey around to the positive side of the road, here are 3 daily habits keeping you unhealthy.

Placing Blame On Others Or Yourself

Q: If I am not to place blame on myself or others, who is to blame?

A: Practice awareness without blame or judgement. Here is a real world example. You get on the scale, and the number is up. You can blame yourself and go on a negative mental tour of all the things you did wrong. Another option is to blame others or external situations. Perhaps you attend a family gathering and there are no healthy options to eat so clearly that is not your fault.

The issue with placing blame at all is that it leaves us with no power to make better decisions. We can certainly accept responsibility about the reality of our situation and then work to make the best choice based on what we are dealing with. When we stop looking for a place to lay the blame, we find options for success to move forward instead.

Defending & Explaining Our Position

Gosh I am a work in progress on this one. Why does this habit keep us unhealthy? Because frankly it is a waste of time.


At the end of the day we must get to the point where we give up worrying about what others think. Your friends, family and co-workers will either understand where you are coming from or not. It is certainly not up to you to go on a personal crusade to get everyone on your side! Instead, consider this as a daily mantra: ‘I am a passive sign of health and fitness’ This does not mean you sit around doing nothing, it is actually the opposite. Inspiring others with your actions is far more likely than motivation via empty words and explanations.

Marching to the beat of someone else’s drum.

Trying to fit into someone else’s definition of success is an unfulfilling journey. What makes you happy? What creates energy, joy and fulfillment in your life?


One simple tool to determine what you really enjoy is to ask yourself what you would do if you had an entirely free weekend with no commitments at all. I learned this one from my coach Jill Coleman. If no one knew what you were up to, what would you spend your time doing?

My answer was writing, walking, meditating, time in nature with my man, movement that feels good, and a dinner with friends and family.

Start here. Creating a daily life full of actions you enjoy is the surest way to find consistency and positivity. No guilt required.

Have a beautiful & positive week!