Master Your Mindset

Our mindset affects every decision we make. Learning how to quit the blame game and take responsibility for how we show up is what mindset management is all about.

Do You Need a Mindset Makeover?


Whether you are brand new to the blog or have been here with us since the verrrry beginning, I want you to know the mindset journey never ends. The ‘great’ thing is that life will always be throwing things at us. That IS life. So in a way, your ability to craft your mindset to create the life you want is an on-going practice, and pretty important if you ask me.

Life throws you stuff, you get to practice, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Today I want to introduce three important steps to consider when embarking on the journey of mindset training. These steps will help you go to the next level with your mind and body.

Be Open

I will be introducing various topics, tools and ways to think differently about your roadblocks and frustrations on the blog over the next few weeks. Think of what I say as a buffet – take what resonates and leave the rest. We are all at different places in our journey and the ideas that work well for you will not necessarily work for everyone else.

Mindset tools and topics are diverse and not everything will work for you. It is like trying on clothes. Try on a new perspective, see if it improves your outlook on life, creates deep happiness for you or works in your life to get you where you want to go.

The degree to which you are open to trying on a new way of thinking will greatly affect your success and future outcomes. I am sure you have heard the definition of insanity? Trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Well if you would like different results in your life, we have to begin with thinking differently.

See Value In The Process

Just like any promise of fast results, get rich quick or rapid weight loss DOES not exist. The mindfulness journey is exactly the same way. We actually learn, implement and grow when we go through the process day in and day out. The only way to the other side is through.

The funny thing to me with regards to short-cuts and fast results is that you place all the value in the destination, when it is the journey and process that actually hold all the lessons, room for growth and key to long-lasting results. The process never stops, so you may as well start thinking about enjoying and valuing the journey.

Go Deep

The degree to which you experience a-ha moments and growth is directly related to how much you take this on and actually practice in your daily life. This doesn’t mean you have to cry and tell your story to everyone you meet (if you want to that is fine – you can argue that is what I do! ha!) but practice questioning your current ways of thinking and living. The key to your happiness lies in your own hands.

There may be uncomfortable issues or beliefs for you to work through, but you can think of it like this: the amount of effort and energy (whether you realize it or not) you spend suppressing emotions takes away from your happiness and ability to stay consistent.

This is not a one foot in, one foot out endeavour. If you want to reap the full rewards of crafting an empowered mindset, you have to put your butt on the line and show up exactly as you are, scrapes, wrinkles, fears and all.

But why do we need to prioritize our mindset?

Not because I think it is a good idea or because I need to keep you occupied, but because this is HOW you get the rubber to meet the road. This is all about creating a mindset that lets you express and implement all the healthy habits we talk about so often.

I want to inspire you to take on creating happiness in your own life.

I want to help you create a mindset that can thrive within the daily challenges of life.


I often ask the ladies of the Blast Fitness Lifestyle Club to let me in on where they are struggling. Is it food, exercise or mindset? Where do we need to shift our priorities?

After a few months of learning and practicing lean and healthy habits, everyone starts to shift towards understanding that mindset is the foundation we NEED before we can create sustainable eating and exercise habits. I am not talking about a short term crash diet or cleanse, I am talking about the long term, day in and day out actions we perform that help us get and keep physical results and self-acceptance.

Here’s to empowerment, confidence and growth,