March 12, 2016

An Alternative To ‘No Regrets’: Getting Rid Of Guilt For Good

A couple weeks ago I set off to meet my husband for a European adventure. As many of you know, my husband is a downhill ski racer.....
February 12, 2016

Do Others Affect Your Food Choices Part 2: Oh Let Me Count The Ways

On Monday’s post I introduced the idea of co-dependent eating and shared that I believe it is short sighted to think that we can completely remove the effect of others on our eating choices. I mean, I want to be […]
February 9, 2016

Love The One Who Lifts You Up

This past Saturday I married by best friend. It was hands down the most monumental day of my life. Looking back I feel grateful that the day felt like a real expression of my life.....
February 8, 2016

Do Others Affect Your Food Choices Part 1: Co-Dependent Eating

It’s a Tuesday night, and I have just come home from teaching my ladies only bootcamp class. When I walk in the door at 8:15pm, dinner is just coming out of the oven.....