Easy Caprese Frittata

Frittatas are a breakfast staple in our house. If we are home on the weekends and not on our way to the ski hill I take the extra few minutes to whip up a frittata. We eat them so often that my two year old daughter calls a frittata ‘eggs-tata’.

This Italian version of a frittata has become our new family favourite. It is packed full of flavour and pairs perfectly with avocado toast!

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Rainbow Roasted Veggie Tray

On any given night in our house, we’re eating some permutation of a roasted veggie tray. Whether it’s roasted baby potatoes with rosemary, or our family favourite of just broccoli, salt, pepper and olive oil – there’s almost always a tray of veggies roasting away in our oven.

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Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salad

Maybe it’s because we’re still in the thick of winter, but lately I’ve been craving some of my summertime favourite foods. This Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salad is a go-to when we’re heading to a potluck or when I’m looking to do a bit of food prep on a Sunday (any given Sunday, not only during the summer).

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Long Weekend Roasted Vegetable + Bocconcini Salad

As summer approaches with its’ long hot days and weekend gatherings, this roasted vegetable and bocconcini salad will certainly be a hit at bbqs and birthdays. It’s a versatile dish, you can exchange the vegetables for your personal favourites, what you’ve got on hand or what comes in your weekly vegetable CSA. I know I’ll be changing up the recipe as the season moves from early kale to summer squash and tomatoes.

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3 Upper Body Mobility Drills To Build A Strong Foundation For Lifting

If you’ve found yourself in the pattern of getting excited about a muscle definition goal –> then doing too much intensity/weight/volume too quickly –> then finding yourself super tight, with injuries and dysfunction –> then feeling as though your consistency and enjoyment of the exercises is suffering, then this post is for you!

Today we are talking about 3 of my favourite upper body movement drills to set a strong physical foundation for lifting weights. These can be part of your warm-up before a lifting session, or at the beginning or end of your day. Start with 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions of each exercise and see how you feel.

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