3 Upper Body Mobility Drills To Build A Strong Foundation For Lifting

If you’ve found yourself in the pattern of getting excited about a muscle definition goal –> then doing too much intensity/weight/volume too quickly –> then finding yourself super tight, with injuries and dysfunction –> then feeling as though your consistency and enjoyment of the exercises is suffering, then this post is for you!

Today we are talking about 3 of my favourite upper body movement drills to set a strong physical foundation for lifting weights. These can be part of your warm-up before a lifting session, or at the beginning or end of your day. Start with 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions of each exercise and see how you feel.

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5 Muscle Building Super Band Exercises

One of my favourite tools for quick and versatile strength workouts is the super band. It’s a big loop shaped piece of exercise tubing which comes in varying levels of tension. I love the 1/2 inch bands because they are super easy to pack on vacations (or to the park with my little one) and I can get a full body workout in using this single tool.

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4 Tips To Get Your Workouts In When You’re Short On Time

Time isn’t something that my clients have in spades. We’ve got families, jobs, hobbies, travel plans and side hustles. But what my clients know is that you don’t need a lot of time to have a consistent exercise habits. The key isn’t finding more time in your day, it’s getting clear on your priorities and more efficient with the types of workouts you do.

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5 Ways I Changed As A Coach After Experiencing Exercise Postpartum

Before I had experienced the postpartum period, I had a lot of ideas about what exercise after birth must be like. I knew that there would be changes to my client’s pelvic floors, that some of them would be breastfeeding, that fatigue would likely be an issue, and that exercise could be a really great tool to add stress reduction and strength back into their lives.

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